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Zostań administratorem tej strony. Szukamy osób zaradnych, z inicjatywą i chęcią zrobienia czegoś pożytecznego dla swojej lokalnej polskiej społeczności. Sprawdź koniecznie teraz pozostałe korzyści i napisz do nas.

Steven Sotloff beheading: Prime Minister describes apparent killing as 'despicable and barbaric'

The footage, said to show the slaughter of the US journalist, comes just days before the Nato Summit

Nato Summit 2014: 'You cannot have too much security', says First Minister

Carwyn Jones has answered criticisms of the extensive security measures in place ahead of the two-day conference in South Wales

Nato Summit 2014: Three people arrested in Cardiff during day of action by demonstrators

Police confirmed three men were arrested in the capital after up to 40 protesters took to the streets

Isaac Nash missing off Anglesey: Distraught family vow to return to beach where schoolboy was swept away

Zoe Nash wrote on Facebook that her family would return to Aberffraw, which she called a 'beautiful place' that holds her son's spirit

Fracking jobs boom 'would only amount to 240 posts in Wales' environmentalists claim

Friends of the Earth Cymru said UK job projections would amount to between 120 and 240 jobs even at industry's peak

Nato Summit 2014: Letting anti-Nato campaigners use Cardiff's County Hall was an embarrassment, says leading councillor

Cardiff council's Deputy Leader Sue Lent was criticised for giving the protesters' counter summit at County Hall her backing

Could Cardiff's Chinese twin city provide us with an economic windfall?

Council leader heads out to Chinese metropolis of Xiamen to meet civic leaders - paid for out of his own pocket

An eight-day trial is called off... after a defendant admits evading tax of just £43

The prosecution had claimed Mohammed Abdin had failed to pay £3,483 but accepted his plea he had illegally pocketed just £43

Nato Summit 2014: How the historic conference at the Celtic Manor will unfold

Timetable for summit attendees includes traditional family photograph as well as high-profile meetings on Ukraine and Afghanistan

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